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The main business services including

  • CNC Lathe developing and sale;
  • CNC machine tools and parts sale such as Hirt Line system;
  • CNC electronic controlling service and CNC machine maintenance and repair service etc.

Small-Box Designed CNC Lathe Mini-Turn (MT)

Unlike other machine manufactures which have various types of machines, Keen Chief dedicated to developing MT’s function improvement and innovation. MT is a multifunctional CNC machine tool with small box design which can save your space in the factory but also increasing your production at same time. MT is already in the market more than 2 decades and is widely used in automotive (bicycle, motorcycle, car) industry, aviation industry and also jewelry industry. Clients’ feedback about MT is all about small design, easy operation, fast, high precision and long working hours without many service required which build the long lasting history for MT’s demanding in the market. We appreciate these feedbacks to push MT to move forward and we believe that high quality products and good business reputation can gain longer and trusting business relationship.



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TEL: +886-4-2312-9409
FAX: +886-4-2335-7071

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TEL: +886-4-2312-9409 FAX: +886-4-2335-7071
Office: No. 21, Ho Ching St. Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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