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Hirt Line Cooling-lubricant-supply system of stainless steel (1.4305)Hirt Line

Fully customizable and adjustable cooling

Increased tool life and reduced machine downtime by more than 15%. Problems of the traditional plastic joint hoses:
The traditional plastic joint hoses are very flexible coolant lines, but offer only limited operational reliability. Standard coolant lines are often adjusted by vibrations or chips and the coolant dose not reach the point where it is useful. Machine downtime and tooling damage are expensive and can be avoided.

New solution of Hirt line Cooling-lubricant-supply system of stainless steel:
Only with the vendor independent HIRT-Line cooling lubricant pipe system for turning, milling and grinding machines you are able to reach this value of 15%. The company HIRTCNC developed in 2009, the only original coolant piping system made of stainless steel with a unique ball-screw. With this system the cooling jet can be adjusted and precisely fixed and is even resistant to chemical substances. The position is maintained even under heavy chipping and excess vibration. The high-quality product range, which is constantly optimized, is perfectly suited for pressures up to 50 bar and depending on component selection even up to 100 bar.

Keen Chief Pty Ltd and Hirt Line:
We are the authorized sales representative of the Hirt Line system in Taiwan. For more product inquiry, please contact us.

  • High Flexibility
  • thanks screw coupling completely rigid, thereby application in the work space possibly (e.g., in tool revolvers by turning lathes)
  • High Life span
  • Insensitively against warmth and chemical substances
  • more than 50 bar pressure firmly
  • wide program
  • arbitrarily developable
  • all components are made with precision
  • other dimensions and material alloys (e.g. 1.4404) on inquiry


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TEL: +886-4-2312-9409 FAX: +886-4-2335-7071
Office: No. 21, Ho Ching St. Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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